Why would you need a professional Photographer? In today's digital age of cell phones and digital photography you might find this a confusing question. Why would you need a  portrait photographer if you can just shoot a selfie with your phone?

Because this can be confusing, I made it my mission to ensure that I am not just providing pretty  pictures. Together we will create great and powerful images that show the world how to perceive you? Friendly, approachable , professional, etc.  How do you like to be photographed? Whenwas the last time you empowered your own self? 

That is why you  are looking for someone that knows not only how to use photoshop and a camera on manual mode ;) but also how to engage with you during your photo shoot, to pose you in a way that you're presented in your absolute best self,someone that sees YOU and creates artwork that conveys all of the beauty thatthose that love you see everyday.

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Professional Headshots

First Impressions are important. A good headshot reflects your professionalism, character and core values. 

Session Fee

$150 Session +$95/image

Invest in yourself and book your professional headshots here. After your shoot, only buy the photo's you love.

Portraits & Personal Markeing

Small BusinessBranding for Inspired Professionals

Whether your business is just you, or you're working with a team,you need imagery to market. A personal brand is the representation of yourexpertise and can be shown visually in your marketing. Businessbranding is about bringing all of the components of what makes yourbusiness succesful  combined with your expertise and persona.  

schedule your session now to create compelling and contemporary portraitsthat take your business branding to the next level.

Session Fee

$200 Session +95/Image

Contemporary Portraiture

Would you like to create a piece of artwork  for your wall? Pricing varies, starting at $750 for wall prints. 

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